Mom and pie

As I mentioned in my last blog, I owe a lot to pie. But the reality is, it was my Mom that birthed both me and my love of the culinary arts. My Mom's abode kitchen is one of love, thoughtfulness, creativity, prayer, thankfulness, gentleness, art, risk, councel, encouragment, I really could keep going. In her kitchen one can find nourishment for the stomach and the soul. She is a lovely woman. In her kitchen I learned how to peel potatoes, clean string beans, use an apple pealer, scramble eggs etc. But I also learned how to be a lady in her kitchen. I learned from watching her how to be a wife and serve my family with delight. 

My Mom and I recently worked together along with Jenna Rainy with Mon Voir Calligraphy , Roma Bea images, Jill Fawcett on florals, Jamie Dana hair stylist,  Jessica Ambrose our lovely waredrobe stylist using pieces from Sweeet Repeeet Consignment , so many talented people all in one location! Click on images to view some of the photos taken that lovely day!



An apple pie a day

An apple pie a day, though it may not keep the Doc away it has its own "remedies". Apple pie? A remedy? Yes, I know the ingredient content of a pie; butter, sugar and flour. Comfort ingredients. Think about your favorite food, what is it made of? The answer is probably one or all of the three listed. These foods make us feel good. 

Think about your favorite comfort food..ok now immediatly without over thinking anything what were some of your first few thoughts or memories. Personally, when the word pie enters my mind I am instantly taken back to my home kitchen where I grew up. My long blond hair tied up in a messy pony tail, back pack yet to be removed, shoe untied, sweatshirt around my waist, my sack lunch with the carrot sticks and half a smashed PP&J that I "forgot" to eat on the counter, hand on the refrigerator in hopes that my dad didn't get to the last piece of apple pie. I swing the door open, "YES"! I devour the day old pie straight from the tin. Enjoying the goodness of every bit. 

Right there thats when I knew my "food remedy" was apple pie. This began my relationship with pie. I am a pie baker, a lover of flaky crust and pie for breakfast. I owe a lot to pie. Pie was the beginning of my culinary journey. It made me love to eat and make food people wanted to eat. 

So whatever your "food remedy" is take a few moments think about who made it for you, who you were with, and how it makes you feel good. There is a unique story to be told.